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About Us

Kell Bank is a small, friendly Church of England Primary School situated in a beautiful part of the Burn Valley and serves the nearby villages of Fearby and Healey.

The school was built in 1820 with money from the Danby family, local estate owners and has been altered several times. Currently there are 25 children in the school. In 1999 the old school house was renovated and it now provides extra teaching space for small groups, a kitchen where healthy meals are cooked daily and extra storage for resources including a kiln.

A further extension was completed in September 2006 to provide KS1 with an art and wet play area as well as an outdoor play area allowing safe free access for the Foundation Stage children.

The school also owns land adjoining the playground which provides a large playing field including a wide range of wooden play equipment and a football pitch. The reclaimed gardens provide additional recreational space for the children.

At Kell Bank School we strive to

  • provide a secure and welcoming community in which each person is valued.
  • give equal opportunities for all, through the delivery of inspiring and carefully structured learning experiences of the highest quality. This will be in the context of Christian belief, values and practice, whilst appreciating the diversity and richness of other cultures.
  • be an integral part of our local community and parish and work in partnership with both.
  • develop all pupils so that they are fully prepared for their next stage of education and the challenges of the wider world.

In order to achieve this vision, we aim to:

  • help individuals to foster respect for themselves, their environment and towards each other, developing tolerance towards people of different religion, race, gender or age, within an environment in which bullying and racism are unacceptable;
  • produce happy, polite, caring, helpful and well-behaved pupils;
  • enable each child to reach his or her full potential (intellectually, physically, spiritually, emotionally and socially) acquiring the skills needed to live happy, useful and fulfilled lives;
  • offer a broad, enriched curriculum, where children are excited by their own learning and develop their individual talents and interests through independence and enquiry;
  • provide a safe, caring and friendly place for pupils to learn in;
  • help pupils develop positive relationships/interpersonal skills;
  • develop a sense of belonging;
  • provide structure and stability for all pupils.

Children’s Aims:

  • Work hard, play hard and try my best in everything I do.
  • Listen carefully and follow instructions from all adults.
  • Treat others in the way I would like to be treated myself.
  • Behave well and have a good attitude to my work.
  • Only bring healthy snacks for lunchtime.
  • Take care of the school building and grounds.
  • Take care of my belongings and those of other people.
  • Enjoy school and aim high.

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